Comment from: Justin P. Nichols [Visitor] Email · http://www.JustinNichols.net
I am honored to have known Sonja and will miss her dearly. I first came to know Sonja during my tenure on the Heritage Commission. Sonja held my feet (closely) to the fire one night during a meeting when I was not fully prepared. Because of her I was never unprepared again. In my years since Heritage Commission I came to known Sonja as a personal and dear friend. Undoubtedly there were appointed and elected officials who tussled a bit when she walked to the podium, but I think we may just need more of that these days. Sonja represented a truly evaporating breed of citizenry. She was not blindly faithful to one party. She was ALWAYS true to her core beliefs and, whether they met with the satisfaction of the platform or leadership of one party or another, she stood by them.

Sonja, as you look down upon the community you loved, we thank you for your dedication to open and accountable government - even when it was not popular or easy. Plano and Collin County are much better to have had the honor of your service. Godspeed, Sonja, with love.
02/10/12 @ 00:37
Comment from: angellsmith [Member] Email
So sorry to hear this. Sonja was a great lady and a real asset to the City of Plano and Collin County. I was honored to hear from her now and then on a variety of issues, and her passion for truth, justice and transparent, open government was always apparent.

Hopefully several new citizen activists will emerge to take her place. It will certainly take more than one! There are plenty of folks that will show up when there's a hot issue, but Sonja was there day in and day out to keep an eye on local government even when the prospect of excitement was slim to none. She certainly didn't hesitate to call out officials or heavy-hitters when she thought it was warranted, call for back-up if she needed it...and the letters to the editor section just won't be the same.

Sonja's devotion to Plano and it's residents was truly inspiring. Sincere sympathies to her family, friends and everyone who will miss her...and that will be a lot!
02/10/12 @ 01:05
Comment from: Tracie Reveal Shipman [Visitor] Email
I met Ms. Hammer the first time I spoke in front of the Plano City Council back in 1994. I was the spokesperson for a group of registered home day cares who were at risk of being shut down and Ms. Hammer approached me after I spoke and told me to "stick with it." She was a champion and citizen advocate and I still think of her often whenever I start feeling apathetic towards some of our current local leaders for their attempts to thwart true transparency in government.

God bless her and may she truly rest in peace.
02/10/12 @ 12:17
Comment from: A friend [Visitor] Email
Bill, a correction on her birth date >> Sonja M. Hammar: December 9, 1935 - January 28, 2012.

The Observer thanks you

.... for the correction.

02/10/12 @ 13:04
Comment from: Joe Jaynes [Visitor] Email
I’m sorry to hear about Sonja. There were times when I dreaded her calls but afterwards I always felt like I was a better public servant because of them. She stayed true to her beliefs and never had a personal agenda. When she did speak she was passionate about the issue at hand.

So many times during citizen’s comments you hear from those who are just angry and/or like to hear themselves talk. Not Sonja, her heart was in the community and she achieved her goal of more transparent government at every level.
02/10/12 @ 13:19
Comment from: David M. Smith [Visitor] Email · http://www.dms4collincounty.com
Ditto to the remarks from Justin, Deborah and Joe.

I was a far more effective council member due to Sonja's questions and research. As our current mayor noted, she was an asset not only for our public servants but for our community.

Rest in peace, Sonja. May many more take your place.

02/10/12 @ 20:44

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