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Comment from: visitor [Visitor] Email
Well, I hope she really is what she is stating. And I hope if she gets elected she will not start out all sentimental and trying to teach lessons for parents without thinking of the consequences. That won't help much! I hope she will see the truth and not let frivilous lawsuits go on for years, and I just hope that she will put every child in the spotlight when she tries to come up with an order to suit the parents because this is where Judge Wooten messed up.

Good luck to Mrs. Green.
11/29/11 @ 09:11
Comment from: COLLIN COUNTY ATTORNEY [Visitor] Email
11/29/11 @ 13:09
Comment from: Momof4 [Visitor] Email
She is crazy. Be careful. I hope someone runs against her. Sadly I don't feel as though she is qualified. Her primary practice has been wills, probate and Guardianship. This court hears way more then just that. We are talking Felony Cases, Custody, and Divorce, Business Disputes, and so forth. SO DOES NOT HAVE THE EXPERIENCE THIS BENCH REQUIRES.
11/29/11 @ 13:59
Comment from: Scared to Use My Name Anymore [Visitor] Email
Didn't she run for court 3, too? I can't imagine how anyone with such little relavent experience could be qualified for a district bench.

Look that the "why you should vote for me" reasons she posted. What a bunch of fluff. Hell, it's not even fluff. Most of it's just crap. Teen court judge? Give me a break. Moot court? Lord. That she's lame enough to list that stuff as a reason to vote for her is pretty telling.
11/29/11 @ 16:02
Comment from: 380 Opponent [Visitor] Email
She is definately not the person to be on the bench. If you look at her credentials, she is a board member with CPS - Child Protective Services. Is this someone we want on the bench who will side with CPS or be biased towards CPS in all the frivolous and false allegations and cases they bring to the court?
11/29/11 @ 16:09
Comment from: Re Visitor [Visitor]
If Ms. Green's own litigation history is any indication of her likely behavior on the bench, things do not look promising. See Harris Co cases 84-68827; 86-46992; 99-17033; 00-00655; 01-52782 & Collin Co case no 416-5156203. She has been fighting with ex hubby for yrs and was accused of parental alienation, spousal abuse, driving drunk with child in car, public intox & bar grievances filed. Not exactly the kind of Judge dreams are made of.
11/29/11 @ 17:22
Comment from: Philip W. Moore, Jr. [Visitor] Email
Terri is a nice woman. You can argue about her qualifications, but you cannot impugn her character. "Re Visitor" - get a life!
11/30/11 @ 09:47
Comment from: Visitor [Visitor] Email
Plano attorney Gerald Tadlock is suppose to announce his candidacy for the 380th bench. So it will likely be a contested primary.
12/01/11 @ 09:34
Comment from: We Can't Go On Like This [Visitor]
All judicial politics is making me sick now. Who can be trusted. In family courts its mothers v. fathers and families being destroyed. It's bad for society all around.

There HAS to be another way. Please, I'm begging the people of Texas...please let's get rid of this corrupt system of family law that pits mothers and fathers and children against each other for profit.
12/02/11 @ 14:00
Comment from: Paul Key [Visitor] Email
"Please, I'm begging the people of Texas...please let's get rid of this corrupt system of family law that pits mothers and fathers and children against each other for profit."

That's one of the dumbest comments I've read in a while.

How does the system pit mothers, fathers and children against each other? Don't you figure that either the mother or the father does the pitting upon filing for divorce?
12/03/11 @ 13:45
Comment from: Just Looking, Not buying GREEN [Visitor]
Not judge material, any way you slice it! Why are so many cases involving Terri Green as a defendant, or cases involving her children, SEALED or EXPUNGED?
Texas voters need to know the answers to these questions before they plan to vote for her; Those of you supporting Terri Green, might want to ask Terri Green about this too; the truth about Terri Green will eventually come out. What happened on December 5, 2001 in Tomball, Texas Terri? There's a new wiki page out there called
TerriGreen-NotAsJudge, at wikispaces.com Check it out!
07/19/12 @ 00:56

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