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Comment from: Ivy rainingonyou [Visitor] Email
What happened to amy Mathis?


The Collin County responds:

The State dismissed all charges against Mathis and Robertson "without prejudice"

11/25/11 @ 22:21
Comment from: Bob Hultkrantz [Visitor] Email
Bill - I believe, as in many trial in Collin County and elsewhere, the jury made the wrong decision. Judge Wooten is a great person and was the kind of Judge you KNEW you would get a fair trial from. She was part of a witch hunt and, as in Salem, she was burned at the stake.

As far as the alleged corruption trials begninning Monday - it is much ado about nothing. EVERY, and I do mean EVERY, local government head has discretion in giving time-off. This is another witch-hunt that I pray has the correct ending this time.
11/27/11 @ 20:15
Comment from: MrNoName [Visitor] Email
I agree with Bob that Judge Wooten was targeted and wrongly convicted. However, I disagree with his position on the District Clerk and her cronies. This is more than department head discretion. They thumbed their noses at the public knowing they were breaking the law. Nothing short of a "felony" guilty verdict and removing each of them from their job is acceptable. I would prefer jail time for Crigger.
11/28/11 @ 14:32
Comment from: MrNoName [Visitor] Email
I wish DA Willis would make a statement as to his views on the validity of these trials. After all this is happening in his county. We look to him to enforce the laws, and we should know what he thinks about these cases.
11/28/11 @ 17:52
Comment from: Wooten Supporter [Visitor] Email
MrNoNAme- It would have been even nicer had Greg Willis taken the Wooten case back long before it came to all this. Wonder if he will draw an opponet next time.
As for Judge Wooten, she is a wonderful person. She has always been one who has put her clients first. On several occassions, during the holidays she got up late hours of the night to go and help a client who had the police at her house, she arranged for a clean up crew to come to a clients house after the husband had commited suicide, and paid for it out of her own pocket, DID SHE CHARGE THE CLIENT, NO, because that was the kind of caring, loving, person she is. Judge Wooten has everyone behind her, and will help her.
11/29/11 @ 14:19
Comment from: MrNoName [Visitor] Email
I don't know Judge Wooten but from what I've seen she did not deserve a guilty verdict. I wish her the best.

I do know Mr. Willis and think he is doing a good job as DA, but I still wish he would have pursued an active role in this trial.
11/29/11 @ 18:33
Comment from: username [Visitor] Email · http://www.google.com
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11/30/11 @ 15:59
Comment from: Judicial Corruption Galore [Visitor]
No such thing as an ethical judge in Texas...no such thing.

And Collin County is the pinnacle. Judge Wooten got elected in the same criminal way as the rest of them. She's no innocent.

But neither are the rest.

Let's take Shakespeare's advice...
12/02/11 @ 13:52
Comment from: Wooten Supporter [Visitor] Email
Judge Wooten is Not a Criminal and ran an awesome campaign. She WAS NOT BRIBED and DID NOT EVEN RULE IN THE CAREY CASE.
A lot of things are going to be coming to light real soon. TRUST ME!!! Judge Wooten was trying to Clean Up the Corruption and Mess that Roach created, as have Judge Rusch, and Roach Jr. and several other individuals who DO NOT DESERVE TO BE ON THE BENCH!
12/08/11 @ 12:02
Comment from: David Collins [Visitor] Email
Judge Wooten is a criminal. In fact, she is a convicted felon. Twelve member of the jury have said so.

"Judge Wooten was trying to clean up the corruption that Roach created . . . ." Really?

While Judge Wooten was under investigation/indictment, she used her power as a judge to impanel a grand jury. The Wooten Grand Jury was comprised of Derrik Walpole (One of the district clerk's lawyers and known hater of Roach), Judge Wooten's attorney's dad, Piper McCraw (who was fired from Roach's DA's office) and many others with one agenda - to investigate Roach. They had a special prosecutor appointed to aid in their investigation. They spent their entire six month term investigating Roach, his "high five" program and other investigations the DA conducted. THEY FOUND ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!! NO INDICTMENTS AGAINST ROACH'S OFFICE - except one against Greg Davis which a non-Collin County judge dismissed within 2 days.

Then while Wooten was under investigation/indictment, she contacted the FBI to investigate Roach and his entire office. They did a very thorough investigation and FOUND the Office's investigation of Wooten (and Willis) was completely justified.

So all your allegations about the prosecutors who prosecuted Wooten have been investigated completely and cleared. Wooten was convicted unanimously by random members of our community.

Quit blaming people who did their jobs. Put the blame where it belongs - on a crooked, felon, ex-judge. Collin County is better off today than it was two weeks ago.
12/08/11 @ 21:15

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