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Comment from: Watching [Visitor] Email
Well written.Sad time in Collin County.I'm glad someone gets it,but to get it you feel the pain of a family destroyed.
11/25/11 @ 22:34
Comment from: Old Sarge [Visitor] Email
Mr. Biederman expressed the truth so much better that I ever could. Everything he said hit the nail right on the head. My prayer for the Wooten family, and for everyone who believes in justice....and my faith is shaky right now....is that this case will be appealed and justice finally prevail.
11/26/11 @ 07:59
Comment from: Kim Smith [Visitor] Email
Thank you for your post Hunter. I appreciate your words and the fact that you have the balls to speak your mind without hiding behind an alias.

I do hope that Suzanne appeals her case. I can't see that she has any other option. Unfortunately, it's unlikely that her case will be reversed from a statistical standpoint. Very few are.

I do pray that Suzanne doesn't lose her license. She is a damn good lawyer and I would retain her again if necessary.
11/26/11 @ 10:57
Comment from: JurisPrudence [Visitor] Email
I'm sorry to say, but Suzanne losing her law license is not "probable.". Conviction of a felony crime of moral turpitude comes with mandatory disbarmen.
11/28/11 @ 11:18
Comment from: Wooten Supporter [Visitor] Email
There is a correction that is needed... Spencer did not testify AGAINST Judge Wooten, he did testify, and told the truth to the facts of the matter.
11/29/11 @ 14:25
Comment from: Anonymous Citizen [Visitor]
I do believe many are wrongly convicted in Texas - usually the poor and those who cannot afford the cost of a decent defense. This system is corrupt at its core.

However, it is shameful to use this corrupted judge Wooten as an example of "perverted justice." This is one time where justice was actually served up and gives us hope.

She took $150,000 from an angry father who wanted to buy his daughter away from her mother. She was elected by Fathers Rights and the guy that managed her campaign was a child molester.

What this case did was highlight to the people - not to lawyers and judges - but to regular people how corrupt campaigns are and how corrupt the judicial system is.

SHAME on you for trying to use one act of actual justice as an example of all the numerous acts of injustice.

The People get that and so did the jury. Just b/c your procedural tricks didn't get the judge off, she sure "looked" guilty as could be and it just doesn't fly that she was "innocent." That just discredits this whole article as a partisan play of politics, once again.
12/02/11 @ 13:19

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