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Comment from: Terrill [Visitor] Email
- I love getting the whole story Thanks Bill. And now I want to know what can we as citizens do when the officials within the system go bad and attack citizens legally or personally like this?
10/28/11 @ 15:35
Comment from: Truth Be Told [Visitor] Email
1) It sounds like the McKinney Police Department was serving a search warrant for narcotics. The police need probable cause to do this. So, what was the probable cause?

2)Juries do not find defendants "innocent". They render a verdict of either guilty or not guilty. Our justice system is designed to give every benefit to the accused. There have been innocent people wrongly convicted, but far more guilty people get set free by juries.

3)When the McKinney SWAT Team came "crashing" into Mr. Quinn's home I would assume they wore there standard attire with the word "POLICE" all over their clothing. I would also assume they yelled,"Police. Search warrant," prior to entering the home. If they did not, perhaps it was a "no-knock" warrant, meaning they had probable cause to believe that it would endanger their lives by doing so (i.e. they're guns and drugs inside).

The Observer comments:

I agree that the law requires that police need "probable cause to endanger their lives....". But the practice is closer to the truth that a 'rubber-stamp' Collin County judge will give the police what the say, with or without "probable cause".

Heck, since almost every police department feels they need a SWAT team complete with a quasi-military team armored complete with snipers, machine guns and grenades.

..... and since they now have a SWAT team, "well lets give the SWAT group something to do!"

10/29/11 @ 10:25
Comment from: 4 MPD Barney Fife's [Visitor]
4 Truth Be Told

The SWAT team in this case threw 3 deadly stun grenades into that home and set it ablaze. They shot Mr. Quinn according to their own recordings in 4.5 seconds after the attack signal was given. The stun grenades are specifically designed to emit 185dB's (check out OSHA sound level standards)8 million candella of light, tons of smoke and heat. Federal courts have ruled that these devices are deadly and are in fact STUN GRENADES - not "firecrackers" as the MPD testified. The effect is to make it impossible for their victims to hear, see, orientate or understand what is happening.

This is the second MPD SWAT attack involving the shooting of a citizen where upon the MPD's own records and sworn testimony shows they stun grenaded themselves during the attack and then in panic opened up wild fire.

And it's the second documented time they've been caught in a Blue Code Of Silence coverup conspiracy.

There was no probable cause this was a retaliation for them being sued for clearly breaking the law. They admit they broke the law - but you see, unlike any other profession in America they have given themselves legal immunity from thier crimes and thus have no accountability.

You really need to quit believing the hype and start researching the facts and the cost/benefit ratio of wasted tax dollars on Militarized Police forces.

Our community is in danger due to these crminal/inept boys with military toys.

And remember, the same thing can happen to any one of the residents of our community at any time. Next time it could be you or somebody you know or love. When that occurs, please write and tell us all what your "opinion" is.
10/29/11 @ 15:25
Comment from: Tim Baker [Visitor] Email
"3)When the McKinney SWAT Team came "crashing" into Mr. Quinn's home I would assume they wore there standard attire with the word "POLICE" all over their clothing. I would also assume they yelled,"Police. Search warrant," prior to entering the home."

What's to prevent a group of criminals from doing this?
10/29/11 @ 19:01
Comment from: anon [Visitor] Email
Interesting...an alleged pedophile in Collin County goes free and decides to sue. Then gets busted for drugs and whines that he gets shot in a drug raid. Pedophiles are roaming free all over Collin County and you're going to turn this into the COPS are the bad guys on this one? Many times, I'd agree. But whenever there's a pedophile involved, I ask, why did the cops not just finish the job?
10/31/11 @ 14:13
Comment from: Texas Commentator [Visitor] Email
As a forty-plus year resident of McKinney, Texas, I am very saddened to read stories such as this. Through the years, I have personally known many fine officers in the McKinney Police department. In most cases such as this, it is not the bottom line ground troops at fault for this behavior, but the higher ranking officers in charge of the department who in some cases were rejects from the Dallas Police Department. Over twenty-five years ago there was the case of many top line officers being charged with falsing arrests of suspected drug sellers in Dallas. It was found that the evidence was actually baking power placed as evidence against these suspected and arrested individuals. Sadly for McKinney, Texas, many of these top of-the-heap officers, left the Dallas Police Department and came to the McKinney Police Department before actual charges for falsifying evidence came before them. As a well respected business man told me, many years ago, "A Fish stinks from the head down."
11/02/11 @ 13:32
Comment from: Philip W. Moore, Jr. [Visitor] Email

You say alleged, then wish the cop would have just killed the indisputably adjudicated innocent man who got shot by the police. All I can say to you is that I accuse you of being a pedophile, and that maybe you should get shot. Pretty easy to target you that way, isn't it? Oh wait, you post your hate-filled diatribes anonymously.

11/02/11 @ 22:32
Comment from: Philip Moore Jr. NOT [Visitor] Email
@Philip W. Moore, Jr.:

So PROUD to be a Texas with all those initials and "Jr" after your name aren't you? Can't stand the idea of being just one of The People, an anonymous person. Got to have a name - a name with initials and letters after the name. How arrogant you are...and so typical white male collin county too.

The Collin County Observer recognized:

That you, Mr. Not is an anonymous jackass.

11/07/11 @ 16:08
Comment from: Philip W. Moore, Jr. [Visitor] Email
All I can say is that if you can't put your name next to what you write, maybe you shouldn't write anything.
11/08/11 @ 14:42
Comment from: Rick Koster [Visitor] Email
I find it troubling that police departments feel compelled to conduct an armed assault of a domicile for any alleged offense. In a lot of cases it would be quite reasonable for law enforcement to wait for suspects to leave for work, detain them in route and then enter the domicile without any fireworks.
I have a strong feeling that if police at a reasonable hour knocked on the door of most citizens without a violent criminal history, there would be little confrontation while executing a search warrant.

A lot of citizens arm themselves, in accordance with their right under the second amendment of the US constitution, to be prepared against a potential home invasion. How is a citizen to distinguish friend from foe during an midnight armed assault?

Are we destined to repeat the fiasco of Ruby Ridge and Waco's Mt. Carmel?

11/11/11 @ 17:47
Comment from: Mya [Visitor] Email
People cannot call Mr. Quinn that. He is a good man and he wouldnt do anyone harm. The police was wrong.
03/15/12 @ 16:40

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