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Comment from: Anonymous [Visitor]
Pretty important article with no comments. Is everyone too frightened to comment?
08/18/11 @ 11:00
Comment from: Philip W. Moore, Jr. [Visitor] Email
Such a travesty, that a loser (Sandoval) can only win by instigating a campaign to prevent a winner from being reelected.
08/18/11 @ 15:52
Comment from: Bob Hultkrantz [Visitor] Email
I'll comment - the charges against Judge Wooten are a joke. To think we need a Judge who has rightly defeated (Sandoval) back on the bench is a travesty. Judge Wooten told the then DA, John Roach, Sr., to stick it where the sun don't shine and she has been punished through indictment.

Prior to the politicization of the grand jury process in Collin County this was a great place to practice law. Today, I am embarassed to say I practice up here - not because of the current administration nor group of sitting judges - but because of the way it was. It is time for a change and I pray that the justice system will set things right up here.
08/18/11 @ 20:31
Comment from: Hmmmmm [Visitor] Email
Comment to Bob H

The only political grand jury there has been in Collin County in the past year was the one Whooten gathered to try indict the DA and ADA's. After 6 months of intense investigation and trying to come up with charges- ultimately ended up with nothing... Hmmmm

The attorney general, a Republican who needs Collin County in a statewide election, is going after another Republican elected official in the top republican voting county in Texas. Really think the AG would pursue if he did not have a solid case??? Hmmmmmm sounds like politics as unusual this time
08/19/11 @ 05:56
Comment from: Bowie Washington Robledo, III [Visitor] Email
Interesting logic from Bob. 1. Sandoval was a bad judge, and the incumbent. 2. Wooten beat Sandoval, which is good, therefore she couldn't have committed a crime in order to win?

I have to agree with Hmmmm. Why would the OAG bother with this case if Wooten was innocent? They have plenty of other things to do...
08/19/11 @ 17:14
Comment from: Wait a minute [Visitor] Email
Hmm.Grab a clue.Wooten challenged the good old boy system.She won and is being punished.It's so political it reeks of Mc Carthyism or as Collin County folks have come to recognize as Milnerism.If the state has a great case then why indict again.It's all politics,Roach Jr And Rusch have their political noses so far up the AGs butt it stinks.One party politics leads to witch hunts.The fundamentalist jihad hunts to kill others that aren't as conservative as them.Rusch and jr are guilty of the same.Nobody is whiter and righter than they are.Just ask them.No you don't have to they volunteer this constantly.If they focused on running their courts like they did running everyone elses business we wouldn't have nearly the crowded docket that exists.it's sad that they choose a side here that Harry White praises them for their cooperation.Are you kidding me? If you can't see through this then you are blind.Go back to sheriff Bowles in Dallas and follow the trail.The trail is littered with the bones of political careers ruined by Roach ,Milner,and their protege.These are the empirical facts.Jr and are not only misguided hypocrites but hate bring challenged and shake when they might get ann opponent.Mr.Hulkrantz is sadly correct.Us this a County to be proud of? Only if you are a proponent of self serving judges with out of control egos!
08/19/11 @ 19:58
Comment from: County Employee [Visitor] Email
As a longtime county employee in the court system, I want to correct a couple of misperceptions.
Roach and Sandoval are not friends. They did not sit on the bench at the same time. Sandoval is a former Federal prosecutor and Roach has always worked in state courts.
Secondly, Roach shook up the good old boy system when he resigned from the appellate to run for DA. O'Connell was running for reelection and Roach ran him off. If there is somebody who is an outsider and anti good old boy, it's Roach. His top guys/bosses all came from out of county.
08/21/11 @ 20:22
Comment from: Hmmmmm [Visitor]
In response to wait a minute:

Answer the question : why would a state elected Republican office holder go after a sitting Republican county official in the largest Republican vote getting county in the State??? Considering you are just trying to disparage others instead of responding logically and unemotionally you obviously don't have answer.

What does Jr have to do with Whooten being investigated and charged by Attorney Generals office??? I'm confused. And even if the Judges had anything to do with Whooten's investigation (which there is no information to support this other than being witnesses - which all the Judges are) does it change the facts?? How do you know or what facts do you have that Rusch and Jr have their noses up the backside of the AG?? Do you know the AG? Have you seen Rusch and Jr with the AG? Have you read a document that would imply serious behind kissing??? Sounds like you just make accusations to support your obvious anger and hatred for at least two of our Judges.

Completely unrelated- I was told DA Roach voted for Whooten because Sandoval was too inefficient. Don't know if it is true but wouldn't that be ironic based on all the ignorance spewing from comments on this sight.
08/23/11 @ 08:13
Comment from: LookBehindTheCurtain [Visitor]
There is an answer for HMMM and Bowie. If you do a little digging (such as in the case file itself), you may find that Roach brought in these AGs in 2008 to investigate her before she even took the bench. Based, of course, on Sandoval's crying about losing. But, not until people starting asking why Roach was running an investigation in his own back yard, did Roach ask Rusch to appoint the same AGs as "independent" prosecutors in mid-2010. Hmmmmm, the AGs had been working with Roach/Milner for years on the investigation before any indictment by the fifth or sixth grand jury (we've lost count). This group of AGs was in bed with Roach from well before Wooten came on the scene. One might also find it interesting that this same AG group that includes the AG Glickler who was asked by Roach/Davis/Milner in 2009 to go after now DA Willis (at the same time they were going after Wooten) is running for district judge.....glicklerforjudge.com. Check it out - he brags about destroying people's lives. How can anyone not see the motivation and covering each other's back???? Really? And isn't Abbott for governor? See any motivation there??
08/23/11 @ 09:06
Comment from: Hmmmmmmm-Hmmmmmmm [Visitor]
Hmmmmmmm claims to have knowledge of a secret ballot. He must be John Roach or close to him.
08/23/11 @ 11:54
Comment from: Wait a minute [Visitor] Email
Curtain sums it up better than I could.Our County is a joke because of huge egos coupled with one party politics.It is really sad.Add that Rusch signed the search warrant on Keith Gore's office and it clearly shows a pattern.There are a lot more examples of this but go ahead and defend these antics and bury your head in the sand...And Collin County will continue to suffer as a result.It didn't start with Wooten and doesn't look like it will end there either.
08/23/11 @ 12:34
Comment from: RRW [Visitor] Email
Charles Sandoval was an awful, awful person. He devastated many lives...because he was in a bad mood the day you went to court? Or was it that he either liked you or didn't? That's the way it was with him according to a family member who is a long time courthouse employee. When Suzanne Wooten beat him in the election, I was never so thrilled. It really upsets me that there's been this witchhunt against her and my biggest fear is that Charles Sandoval will run again. I will never preface his name with Judge, he doesn't deserve it.
08/23/11 @ 23:59
Comment from: INTERESTING [Visitor] Email
I must say Bob Hulcrantz has said it all well, and so has Look from behind the Curtain. Hulcrantz, I love the way you have always spoken your mind. ;) The reason for the additional indictments is because the attorney generals realized Oh Sh&$, we don't have a case, we know she didn't receive any of the funds, but wait... It must be money laundering... why... because we can't find it, but yet all her stuff was paid for. Hmm... Maybe because she took out a loan to pay it off look at the thounsands of pages of bank records you have you idiots. The whole motive here is... Find a Crime, AG and Milner worked together. This Judge is a wonderful person and would not dare do anything illegal, trust me, I know. In addition, if you want to read something real intersting, go and pull the file yourself... Look at the newest filings, Motion to Disqualify, it even states that the DA's office was involved since Dec, 2008 with the Attorney General's office.
08/25/11 @ 22:08
Comment from: THIS IS REDICULOUS [Visitor] Email
RRW- Rumor is that he is going to be running again, but all the Judges are trying to keep it quiet because he doesn't have a Treasurer on file, and it is a crime to run without one.
08/25/11 @ 22:11
Comment from: Concerned Collin County Citizen [Visitor] Email
Oh, my, greg abbott is going to have egg on his face when this is said and done. No one in this case did anything wrong... and the truth will come out.

I will be surprised if white has a law license after this is over. Hell, I'll be shocked if he's not in prison.

What goes around comes around, right?

08/26/11 @ 22:54
Comment from: SilverSmith [Visitor] Email
The Collin County justice system continues to suffer from the serious ethical and legal faults of key members. The result, a system of dysfunction and corruption. Maybe this trial will put the officials, attorneys and citizens committing wrong doings on notice. These proceeding lend hope that there will be a day when justice can prevail in Collin County. Perhaps that time will come sometime in the future because unfortunately it doesn't exist today.

09/05/11 @ 16:22
Comment from: donna hackett [Visitor] Email
Hope someone reopens my divorce case she handled because alot was wrong and what she did was unthinkable and oh so very wrong and again a poor person up against people who have plenty of money to give and hand away to get what they want to someone who will take it for a job to go their way...
09/15/11 @ 19:11
Comment from: Lisa Stensgard [Visitor] Email
I have to agree with Donna. My divorce was full of twists and turns, great shocks to both the legal and the layman world alike. My attorney during my divorce was just as shocked at our verdict which we were 100% certain had to to with some sort of tampering. I was one of the few women at that time who had a) given up her career to raise her children, b) mom of the year award--PTA Treasurer, full time substitute teacher, c) family violence on record, etc. who was refused sole custody, given joint custody with standard 1, 3 and 5 visitation and required to pay my husband child support. Too much information to post--but there is a large amount of evidence supporting foul play even 8 years ago with Ms. Wooten. I pray for justice as the only winner in this was her pocket book--my boys and I have paid a huge price all these years to the detriment of any hopes of a stable/rewarding future.
10/02/11 @ 00:05
Comment from: Collin County Dad [Visitor] Email
@ Lisa... As a former neighbor of yours in Wylie...

[Ed. Comment deleted. This blog is not here to bash others.]
10/02/11 @ 20:42
Comment from: Seriously? [Visitor] Email
Bill/Editor - you claim that your blog is not to "bash others", however, that is exactly what you are allowing these losing litigants to do. You allow posters to make unfounded accusations that would not be ethical for Judge Wooten to publicly respond. Isn't it hypocritical of you to then delete comments by other posters who may actually know the facts? Aren't those cases public record?
10/03/11 @ 08:15
Comment from: Wylie Dad [Visitor] Email
Lisa Stensgard- You really need to tell the truth with regard to your divorce, to come on here and lie when your file is public record. That really is sad. You were the one who caused the problem.
11/08/11 @ 12:26

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