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Comment from: THANKYOU [Visitor]
THANKYOU JUDGE OVARD....there goes their CHOCTAW WINNINGS........NOW they will find out how COLLIN COUNTY REALLY WORKS............
08/13/10 @ 06:03
Comment from: lemonadeone [Visitor] Email · http://mail.com
It is getting so that reliance on a single newspaper like the Dallas Morning News is a major error. That rag has consistently put out an outright lie that Patricia Crigger is running unapposed. That paper is perfectly aware that it has forsaken its journalistic principals in this instance. Other instances as well??
Harvey Tepfer and Tim Baker are write-in candidates opposing Crigger. Does the "News" really believe it can control voters with lies? All it has accomplished is total loss of reader respect which should result in lost revenue.
The paper has made a big to-do over its 100 years. But, if I and others show up this rag's readership betrayal, it won't last another 25 years.
10/31/10 @ 15:43

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