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Comment from: Jim Foy [Visitor] Email
Bill -- I was on the jury pool for this case this morning. When Judge Douglas told us that the case had been settled, he also said that it would have been a very interesting case had it continued. He was right -- i would have enjoyed hearing all the gory details. But I probably would not have made the final jury cut, since I just finished a campaign myself.
05/20/10 @ 21:49
Comment from: bill [Member] Email

I was also subpoenaed, but by the State as a witness against Reeves. I had just arrived in Farmersville when I got the call that the case was settled.

You probably would have been struck if you mentioned that we are acquainted.

A trial might have been interesting, but more likely rather pathetic. I understand that Reeves wanted to use the trial as a soapbox, (maybe to declare he was being persecuted by the liberals on the internet?) but the DA objected and Reeves was overheard saying that if he couldn't talk about what he wanted, there was no point in a trial.

He'll be darn lucky if he escapes being target of a felony investigation on his charity.

05/20/10 @ 23:11
Comment from: watching [Visitor] Email
At least your investigation revealed Reeves before it was too late,the tea baggers elected David Rippel as a county judge,He was an embarrassment as a lawyer and is already worse as judge!Four years of his stup0idity and thats if we are lucky!
05/24/10 @ 21:41

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