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Comment from: Gini [Visitor] Email
This case is very troubling at the least and its apparent these District Judges have some kind of an agenda along with DA Roach. Of course this DA always has a political agenda as evidenced by his actions running up to tomorrow's Primary Election.
Mr. Keith Gore was subjected to the vile tactics used by these elected Judges and the DA just for representing his client.
Mr. Gore is an honorable man and hopefully the voters will elect him for the 296th Dist. Court tomorrow.
03/01/10 @ 09:39
Comment from: Anon [Visitor] Email
The only thing predictible in this story is the fact the Frisco police took the warrant to Rusch.Neither is it surprising that Rusch would place himself in the middle of a controversy and side with the State.Too bad he's not up for re-election,his inability to be fair has existed for a long time.Time for him to go!
03/01/10 @ 10:27
Comment from: Nostradamus lite [Visitor]
Judge Rusch made a mistake here allright, he wanted to believe in the better motives of the DA's office, and he paid the public price for his belief. He trusted them, and they screwed him for it.

Once again, the main ADA in this whole mess was Chris Milner, the man behind dozens of bungled cases (Does the Sheriff Bowles fiasco ring a bell?) , dismissed indictments, and hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars spent on failed investigations. Like the old joke, the list is long but not distinguished.

Milner was the ADA who drafted the search warrant and ran to Rusch with this whole concealing evidence claim. Now Gore has been vindicated, a death penalty case has error built into it, and the county is much poorer, just so the DA's office can try and justify its wrongful conduct here.

When will DA Roach step up and admit his mistake in letting this unethical loose cannon ruin his former good name? Roach prides himself on his alleged brilliant mind, but most smart men know when to cut their losses and put the rabid dog down.

Prediction: When Roach is gone, and others (new DA, feds, civil juries, whomever) re-examine Milner's legacy of incompetence and vindictiveness, Roach will be held accountable by the judgment of history for his blind eye towards the perversion of justice.
03/01/10 @ 18:56
Comment from: anon [Visitor]
What is it with these Collin County judges? They have no respect for anything related to basic rights of the accused.
03/01/10 @ 19:35
Comment from: anon [Visitor] Email
N.Lite.You can blame the DAs for a lot of things ,but not for placing Rusch in the middle of the chain of custody.A first year law student would know not to cut the box open all alone but not the omnipotent Rusch.He's the da hero and rightfully so.
03/01/10 @ 21:34
Comment from: Nostradamus Lite [Visitor]
Rusch's action here in signing the warrant and thereby subverting due process is the major legal issue here, not necessarily the handling of the evidence.

The subpoena for Gore to produce the shoebox was already set for a hearing in aonther court when Milner ran down to Rusch saying how he had to sign the search warrant or Gore was going to destroy the boots. Rusch's mistake was in trusting Milner's word that this drastic action was immediately necessary. He tried to provide Gore a measure of protection (by appointing a special master) but that was like slamming the barn door shut after all the cows run out.

Once the overeager Frisco PD and Milner actually got into Gore's office, they violated both the scope and intent of the warrant, and of course, did not find what they so stridently claimed would be there. We still dont know exactly what happened during the search because so far the testimony is all conflicting about what they found and where they found it - which usually means somebody is not telling the truth.

As to the inspection of the boxes, Judges routinely inspect things in camera (meaning out of view of the parties) to try and ensure some protection for sensitive material. While I disagree that any first year law student would have known better, I do agree that it was another error in judgment by Rusch, and only further compounded his earlier error in signing the warrant.

I'm not trying to defend Rusch's actions. I think he made a hell of a mistake in judgment and he has rightly paid a price for it. I just wanted to set the record straight where this whole problem started - in the diabolical mind and hands of Chris Milner.

Believe me, there is plenty of blame to go around on all sides in this mess of a case.
03/01/10 @ 22:46
Comment from: Conservative Frisco Voter [Visitor] Email
Wow. I had no idea about these details - but I'm so glad that we'll soon have a new DA. I'm also very concerned about the mishandling of this case by Judge Rusch.
03/02/10 @ 00:35
Comment from: Anon [Visitor] Email
I'll give you this-Rusch and Milner are a dangerous combination.
03/02/10 @ 20:10
Comment from: Organizerbyproxy [Visitor] Email · http://www.collincountycorruption.com
This is one of the many sad biproducts of being a citizen in the fraudulent courts of collin county. We can only beat this by helping each other here   www.collincountycorruption.com

Welcome to collin county Texas, we promise to grow our family by consuming yours :-)
06/11/10 @ 21:53
Comment from: Proxy [Visitor] Email
Sorry, but how is it legal to subpoena materials that the defense lawyer is using for his defense? Let's start there. Maybe it is legal, but then ad the shenanigans after the seizure and I think the case should be thrown out.

Maybe these people are guilty. But convicting criminals requires that you do so all above board so there are no doubts or room for appeal.
06/14/11 @ 11:39

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