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Comment from: Collin County Attorney [Visitor] Email
You forgot to mention Rep. Madden's 2009 achievements. He was stripped of his chairmanship by the incoming speaker, he actively campaigned for Craddock, and he engaged in a shameful but persistent endorsement of Keith Self's proposed state bill that would strip the county auditor of his/her authority to, uh, audit. This made Collin County the laughing stock of the legislature and has made it hard for any of our interests to be pursued.
11/16/09 @ 06:14
Comment from: Mike O [Visitor] Email · http://northtexasteaparty.org
It is likely that Mabrie will not be the last to enter the race for the 66th. And several other races in the county have yet to be firmed up.

But what is apparent is that a informal slate comprised of PISD and other Plano Chamber (of Commerce) types is forming to run against fiscal conservatives at the county level. And those of us interested in the return of fiscal sanity at ALL level of government had better take note.

The need will become more apparent to Plano residents as they face the significant tax increases from the city and school over the next few years. Tax increases due in large part to over-bonding and improper planning for the highly predictable reductions in sales tax income and flattening of property tax income due to build out. The people responsible for these errors in planning and judgment are now ready to move outward and upward to use the 'skills' on larger taxpayer bases. Their concepts of 'quality of life' (through taxpayer funding) cannot be sustained after high growth has ended without major tax increases.
11/16/09 @ 09:38
Comment from: Sam Hillario [Visitor] Email
I think Mabrie is a very smart lady. Think about it, she used the very small tax increase vote as a perfect play to manipulate voters to thinking she was a fiscal conservative watchdog. The bottom line is, she new the vote would pass, but she was planning for this very moment. So, it made her seem Mavericky (1st Palinesque move). Then, she actually pulled a Palin and quit on the people that voted for her. Now, she is just being a complete opportunist and using a 1 vote ($30) tax position as a qualification to consider herself a fiscal conservative. I'm sorry Mabrie, but you have to at least finish 1 term to be deemed anything.

As far as Wayne Richard goes, I could never vote for the guy. Far leftist policy is bad for America and far Right policy is bad for America. We need level headed citizens that vote on legislation because of how it will affect people and our future, not because the bill is a Republican bill or Democrat bill.

The bottom line is, in Mabrie, you have a very ambitious person who is not afraid to turn her back on you at anytime to pursue her real goal and in Richard, you have a finatic.
Hopefully, 66 will DRAFT a NEW CANDIDATE that represent common sense and political appeasing.

Now, if there were a position for let's say TEA Party Czar, yes, I would vote for Richard. And, if there were someone that reminded me of Palin, yes, it would be Mabrie. That's all great, but I don't want any of that representing me in Austin.

11/16/09 @ 10:55
Comment from: Sam Hillario [Visitor] Email
From my earlier post, it was meant to read:

Hopefully, 66 will DRAFT a NEW CANDIDATE that represents common sense and NOT political appeasing.
11/16/09 @ 10:58
Comment from: Someone Else Please Run for SR 66 [Visitor] Email
Is Judy Jackson or Mabrie Jackson running for State Representative?
11/16/09 @ 11:10
Comment from: Mike O [Visitor] Email · http://northtexasteaparty.org
Sorry, Sam; we 'radical' Tea Party types aren't interested with an unconstitutional Tea Party Czar. What we're interested in is helping candidates who hold such 'radical' views as fiscal responsibility, personal responsibility, limited, government, the rule of law, and national sovereignty. We just feel such 'extremism' is actually supported by a majority of the people, most certainly in this district.
11/16/09 @ 16:24
Comment from: Davis Standard [Visitor] Email
Mike O,

I saw your post and had to ask, what is so against someone running based on common sense? SOmeone who can actually work with the other side? I am a Republican and I just feel like we are missing out on such a big opportunity.

For example, up until 2008, there had never been a precinct in Collin County that had voted majority Democrat. In 2008, there were 12. I believe that simply has to do with how offensive Republican rhetoric has become. Why not sit there and say, hey, look, we don't want big government and here's how we accomplish all the things we need to and still keep government limited and accountable? Instead, we parade all over town screaming and yelling, but actually doing what?

That's my point, I don't want left or right wing nuts (aka Obama, Pelosi, Wayne Richard, Self and friends), I want common sense progressive leadership.
11/16/09 @ 16:57
Comment from: Mike O [Visitor] Email · http://northtexasteaparty.org
I guess not wanting to leave a country that is essentially in bankruptcy to my son's generation makes me a rightwing nut. That bankruptcy is the fault of BOTH parties (though the Dems, especially in the legislatures, are the worst).

We need people with guts to correct that; people willing to go against the grain of established constructs. And for people in general to revisit what they believe government should be involved in.

True 'common sense' leadership- progressive or otherwise- would not disagree with that.
11/16/09 @ 19:12
Comment from: Collin County Attorney [Visitor] Email
Common sense does not entail "tea party" participants brandishing racially charged signs and calling those who disagree with them socialists. It is some of the most shameful behavior I have ever seen in this county.
11/16/09 @ 21:22
Comment from: Mike O [Visitor] Email · http://northtexasteaparty.org
Socialism: government ownership and control of the means of production and distribution, of capital, land, etc.

Some of us find the government's efforts to gain control of banking (TARP), Auto Manufacturing, Health Care (PelosiCare), and energy production (Cap & Trade) fairly socialistic. What would you call it? Socialism is merely a form of government- practiced in many places in the world; hardly an obscenity.

"Racially charged" signs? I suppose you are referring to the 'Obama Joker' image; originally created by a 20-year-old black Muslim and referencing a figure of chaos in a movie without racial content.

I'm still trying to explain to my Chinese wife and my Ugandan daughter (http://nazziwa.wordpress.com) that I'm a racist, since I strongly oppose a liberal politician who happens to be black; they somehow remain unconvinced.
11/16/09 @ 23:23
Comment from: Collin County Attorney [Visitor] Email
Personally, I find public schools and fire departments socialist institutions, by your definiition - but let's not belabor that point.

My problem is message delivery. One of your national organizations (yesterday) had to cancel their plan to burn images of Congress in effigy - now that would be a nice photo op for the ages! - Nothing offensive happening here, keep walking.

If you want to win the hearts and minds of voters - you are going to have a difficult time doing that by insulting people and waiving around racially charged signs with misspelled words. We're looking for leadership here - not a carnival barker.

It doesn't matter who made the sign or who your family members are. : it is racially offensive.

I didn't call you a racist - that is between you and your Maker.

The arguments you make about not being a racist are the same things we all heard during the defense of the Jim Crow laws - all of that stuff has been rolled out and dusted off by the Tea party fanatics. And look how successful that was. - Well played.

I and many others find such images (and that is not the only example of racially charged images brandished by members of this ridiculous "movement") terribly offensive and contrary to family and American values.

The fact that you find such symbols appropriate and have the gaul to defend them only makes my point.

Go ahead, keep waiving your signs - and you can explain to other folks - especially other school children - that you stand by your signs.

This type of speech, which is protected by the 1st Amendment, is certainly your right. But don't get defensive when you are called on it.
11/17/09 @ 06:24
Comment from: Mike O [Visitor] Email · http://northtexasteaparty.org
Just goes to show you that you know nothing about the Tea party movement. It is truly grassroots, with each group responsible for its own actions. And don't get me to start listing the radical nature of demonstrations of the left; that would take an article larger than the health care bill. It would include the beatings of two older Tea Party types on the streets of Florida just yesterday.

Calling something 'racially charged' without any actual evidence it actually is, does imply racism; a standard lawyer-style stunt. And I'm calling you on that.

As for explaining all of this to school children, you'll note that we actually have entire families showing up at our larger rallies- unlike those on the other side.

However, My. Anonymous Lawyer, if you wish to continue to argue about your misconceptions of what the tea party movement is or isn't, perhaps this article about candidates is not the place. Come on over to our site or my personal one (http://datatroll.wordpress.com/2009/11/15/why-am-i_doing-this/)- better yet- show up at a meeting and actually meet and listen to some of our members.
11/17/09 @ 09:17
Comment from: Jocko Johnson [Visitor] Email
Tea party people are kooky.
11/17/09 @ 09:49
Comment from: Jim [Visitor] Email
It is very laughable to hear indignant responses to the Tea Party Movement. After 8 years of ACORN antics and MOVEON.org antic, anti-war and anti-Bush protests and biased CBS, NBC, MSNBC and ABC reporting, to hear whining about the same medicine delivered by FOX and the Tea Parties is so funny. Now it is clear to me that many of the radical Tea Party participants are Libertarians who believe in no taxes, no Federal government, no military and other idealogies far from a Republican platform, to protest new taxes on the middle class majority is indeed needed and valid. Luckily, protected by the same Bill Of Rights, Freedom of Assembly, that alllows flag burning and anti-war protest, hopefully this will awaken the current liberal base that they are still held accountable for their actions and did not get an open book mandate from the populace in having majorities in the House, Senate and Executive branches. It amazes me even more that most Democrats in Collin County are fiscally conservative but in some strange twist find being a National Democrat more important than standing on their own beliefs. Both parties have a long way to go to serve their constituents rather than themselves.
11/17/09 @ 11:07
Comment from: MikeO [Visitor] Email · http://northtexasteaparty.org
Kind of hard for the Tea Party to believe in no military, considering the number of veterans in the group; broad brush statements such as this show a lack of understanding. There ARE libertarian members of the group, just as there are some hardcore GOP activists. The vast majority are neither; most are people previously NOT involved at anything but the voting level but finally got tired of yelling at the TV, got up off their couches and decided to get active.

There are large differences in the group in terms of international involvement, support for the Party infrastructures and social conservatism; what binds the group together are the five principles.

Fiscal responsibility
Personal responsibility
Limited government
Rule of Law
National sovereignty

Anything else is 'a distraction'.

As for Jacko's comment: his sophistication, intellect and eloquence is so blinding that it leaves me speechless.
11/17/09 @ 12:00
Comment from: Collin County Attorney [Visitor] Email
"The perception is the reality" If people perceive a group that are crazy as bats - splashed across all forms of media - that is what they will be.

Don't worry, the "tea party" freaks are not alone. There are all sorts of kooky groups out there - right, left, and just plain ole' psycho. You are in darn good company.

I don't like any of them. I just had the misfortune of seeing you guys up close and personal.

Call people names complaining about other folks is all one big distraction. The "tea party" movement is an embarasssment - period. And you wouldn't be so defensive if you didn't know, in the back of your mind, somewhere, that you look ridiculous.

So, get a dictionary, and make some signs you can be proud of. Carry on.
11/17/09 @ 12:19
Comment from: Jocko Johnson [Visitor] Email
I forgot scary. Tea party people are kooky and scary.
11/17/09 @ 13:44
Comment from: Mike O [Visitor] Email · http://northtexasteaparty.org
Maybe we should follow MoveOn's example of spelling (on a professionally produced sign) and grammar here?


We're too busy dealing with incumbents and candidates who want to talk to us these days to be 'embarrassed' or 'defensive'. Possibly these politicians have a somewhat different view of us than you do, Mr. Anonymous.

BTW: It's "Calling people names.."
11/17/09 @ 15:46
Comment from: Jocko Johnson [Visitor] Email
I think the tea party people should go to Somalia. There is hardly any government there. Lots of guns and bombs though. Also lots of kooky scary people who blow off the guns and bombs every day. I think the tea party peopl e will like Somalia very much.
11/17/09 @ 15:53
Comment from: Mike O [Visitor] Email · http://northtexasteaparty.org
Been to Uganda, Jocko; helping deal with the orphans left over from TRULY scary people (and diseases). Probably will spend half my time there when I retire doing 'good deeds'. Possibly rather then trying to be cute, maybe you'd consider going over yourself to do some charity work yourself.
11/17/09 @ 18:22
Comment from: Jocko Johnson [Visitor] Email
See I knew it! but I bet you would like Somalia even better becaus e with no government you can take all your tea party people there with you and do all the things you like to do like shooting off your gun bombs and forging birth certificates and stuff like that.
11/17/09 @ 18:53
Comment from: bill [Member] Email
This conversation is getting a bit unruly. I expect folks here to remain civil and respectful.

I will address the Tea Party issues though.

These Tea Parties make me uncomfortable. Not because they stand for limited government or fiscal restraint, but because the participants, from the top down, preach:

- Against secular government - I get the impression they would be most at home living under a protestant theocracy.
- For gun ownership, not for sport, not for protection, but as a tool of social and political revolution.
- for a vision of property rights that crosses a line to pure selfishness and greed.
- For Christian values and morals, without Christian compassion or love.
- That it is OK to insult and demonize your opponents
- For a vision of sovereignty that was forever repudiated by the American Civil War.
- For stealing patriotic, revolutionary heroes and themes in what amounts to reactionary zeal

When I watch a Tea Party, I don't see patriots, I see Confederates. Revolutions are about new beginnings, not about returning to some pie-in-the-sky vision of past glory. While the Tea Party folks like to think of themselves as American Patriots in the mold of Adams and Jefferson, they look like and sound more like 19th century revolutionaries like Jefferson Davis, Rhett and Yancey.

It's nothing personal, but I am getting very tired of hearing rhetoric that borders on sedition... and I am getting very impatient with the politicians who cow tow to such nonsense.


11/17/09 @ 22:50
Comment from: Jocko Johnson [Visitor] Email
Bill you are right. Those tea party people are very scary.
11/18/09 @ 08:45
Comment from: Mike O [Visitor] Email · http://northtexasteaparty.org
So many misconceptions, so little time.

I, and at least half of my direct colleagues in the Tea Party are secularists. I haven't attended church regularly for over 30 years. I get along fine with the more religious members of our group as well; they've far from fire-and-brimstone types.

I am a gun owner as are most of us (it's called the 2nd Amendment) I even have a CHL, primarily to get the basic training; I almost never make use of that license. I consider it completely a personal protection issue (and may become more important on my next African trip; carrying significant sums of cash to support orphanages in rougher parts of the world has gotten a bit dicey.). The concept of armed rebellion in this country is laughable and certainly not in the minds of the vast majority of our members.

Maybe I don't have 'Christian love and compassion', Bill, but I'd ask you how much time you've spent working with orphans around the world like I have, Bill. Heck, I'd ask how much you even contribute to charity; mine generally has run over 10% (and we're not rich by Plano standards)

Sovereignty is based on the 10th Amendment. Read it, understand it.
You can't pick and choose the parts of the Constitution and its amendments that you like. You take all or none.

Call us radicals for honoring the concepts of our Founding Fathers, but most of our group think they were pretty smart fellows. A lot smarter than nearly any of the current political class (EITHER side of the aisle.)

"Insult and demonize your opponents": might want to ask the author of the #1 book on the best sellers lists about that. Not to mention the previous president. When you write something about your concern on those cases of demonization and insults, I'll believe your revulsion is something other than your political bias showing through.

What is truly scary is the debt and governmental cashflow issues we face. But I guess considering those issues and what it will take to correct those problems are too scary for you to contemplate. It's easier to deflect the issue by attempting to ridicule the messengers.
11/18/09 @ 11:07
Comment from: Anonymous [Visitor] Email
Me thinks the "messengers" are doing a great job ridiculing themselves. - don't need help on that one.
11/18/09 @ 11:46
Comment from: Jocko Johnson [Visitor] Email
i can't figure out who is the queen of the tea party people. Probably Palin but maybe ORly Taits (sp?)
11/18/09 @ 12:19
Comment from: Anonymous [Visitor] Email
It's Orly Taitz - I think she is the Queen of Birther Nation. Glenn Beck is the queen of the Tea Party People.
11/18/09 @ 17:54
Comment from: Collin County Citizen [Visitor] Email
I've read the comments here (as much as I can follow them), and I find myself somewhere in the middle.

First, I think there are a lot of Tea Party folks who talk a big game of "overthrowing this" and "revolting against that". But, not one of those people are willing to do more than hold a sign, make cat calls, or cast a vote. I'd be interested in seeing Tea Party people hauled off to jail for refusing to pay for outrageous taxes. Now THAT would be news. Can you imagine seeing Tea Party folks in handcuffs for non-payment of taxes amounting to 30%+ of their income (which I agree that taxes are too high)? I think Americans would really become alert about our outrageous debt and ever-expanding welfare state. While there are clear distinctions, perhaps we could use Dr. King's protest of what he considered unjust laws. From the Birmingham jail he transformed what was previously mere frustration into an unstoppable movement. Very few people are willing to sacrifice more than an afternoon for their cause anymore.

But, I was alarmed by the reference to the Tea Party's words as sedition. That is a very strong word and one that was used to justify the persecution of many people in American history. However, previous uses of criminal sedition were used to persecute anti-war and leftists (tagged 'Communists') in the first half of the 20th century during the world wars and Red Scare. I just hesitate to call any speech seditious and tend to take a very broad approach to free speech.

These are just some thoughts. I'm not taking jabs at anyone - just general idea's I've seen in this thread. I welcome feedback, criticism, and counter arguments.
11/18/09 @ 19:58
Comment from: Mark [Visitor] Email · http://www.markgreer.net
To the TEA Party Movement:

11/19/09 @ 09:37
Comment from: Steve Anderson [Visitor] Email
Van Taylor is running for 66. Good news for Plano. The idea of having to choose between Mabrie and Wayne was very depressing.
11/20/09 @ 11:28
Comment from: Mike O [Visitor] Email · http://northtexasteaparty.org
And how long has Van lived in the district? In 2006 he was living down in Congressional District 17 ((over 70 miles from here) where he ran against and lost to Chet Edwards pretty badly (in a district that votes heavily GOP). My reading of him is as a good conservative, but not necessarily one vested in representing the specific interests of the district.
11/20/09 @ 23:38
Comment from: Scot Walker [Visitor] Email

I think your sanctimonious rant about personally insulting your political foes is hilarious. You do that here on your blog all the time.

We have a lot of Liberals who said nothing when Bush was booed during a State of the Union speech, but when Obama was heckled, it was "unprecedented".

We had a shoe thrown at Bush and it was funny. Having a bunch of old people assemble is scary.

We had students and teachers trying to ban Bush from giving a commencement speech at a university and it was cheered. You have parents who don't Obama addressing their kids at school and they are scary.

We had people on the Left saying that Bush was behind 9/11 to invade Iraq - Rosie O'Donnell, Charlie Sheen, Van Jones. Not scary.

People who want to see Obama's birth certificate - scary.

Sedition? You mean the talk of sedition when Bush was reelected and we had so many Liberals saying they were going to move to Canada or split the west coast off?

The double standard here is glaring.

It's very popular right now for Liberals to pose as "moderates" or "former Republicans" and talk about how uncomfortable they are with the TEA Party protests.

They are phonies. There wasn't a single arrest at those protests, unlike the Leftist G-8 and WTO protests that always result in hundreds of arrests and millions in property damage.

Anti-war protest? Fine. Anti-tax protest? Scary.

You have no credibility. You are giant hypocrites.

2010 is going to be 1994 again. 2012 is going to be 1980 again.

Bill, the U.S. Civil War did not nullify the U.S. Constitution and the limitation of powers on the Federal government.

The Federal law overrides state law, but there are still limits on the powers the Federal government has, as directed by the U.S. Constitution.

These powers have been more narrowly defined by the Supreme Court over the last few years.

What scares me is people like you who want limitless power for the central federal government. You can't point to anything they do well, yet you want more power for them.

Christian compassion is private donation of time and money, not government. Private entities like The Salvation Army, United Way, The Red Cross do so much more than the government. Private citizens give more money domestically and abroad than the government.

Just because I don't want the government to handle charity doesn't mean I'm not compassionate. I give food, time, money through various private organizations, including church.

They government did a bang-up job with Katrina, didn't it?

I find it amazing that people like you see failure after failure of the U.S. government, yet you still want it to be responsible for so many things.
11/30/09 @ 17:47
Comment from: Scot Walker [Visitor] Email
"First, I think there are a lot of Tea Party folks who talk a big game of "overthrowing this" and "revolting against that". But, not one of those people are willing to do more than hold a sign, make cat calls, or cast a vote."

Tell that to New Jersey and Virginia.
11/30/09 @ 17:54
Comment from: Davis Standard [Visitor] Email
Well said Scott.
12/01/09 @ 09:52
Comment from: MikeO [Visitor] Email · http://datatroll.wordpress.com
well, 22 candidates disagreed with you just the other night and met with well over 300 of us.

At least 50 of those people I personally know are working ACTIVELY in campaigns (me, I've walked an entire precinct already.) Others are writing checks, working phones, preparing mailers.

Bill was there; he looked a bit shell-shocked. I guess he expected us to have blood dripping from fangs or something.
12/11/09 @ 10:46

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