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I have admired Brian McCall for as long as I can remember. I've met with him several times.

Many might not know it, but Brian sends a personal letter to everyone who runs for office and loses in his district (from everything for school board on up). Brian recounts his first bid for the Texas House, which he lost to Sam Johnson (and later succeeded Johnson in the Texas House).

Rep. McCall, above his politics and his personal beliefs, was and is a statesman for Texas - and that is a dying breed. We've turned towards screaming and shouting at TEA parties instead of effective persuasion in the legislative process.

Brian McCall is a hero of mine, and it pains me to read that he is leaving. He leaves a huge void for the people of Collin County and Texas which will be difficult to file.

There isn't a man who cares more about Texas, and will go down in the books as one of Texas' best.
11/15/09 @ 19:02

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