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Comment from: SaveLakeLavon [Visitor] Email · http://www.savelakelavon.com
Thanks for reporting the facts. This is what we have found so far when we talk to citizens about the bridge plan:
1. Explain what HNTB and Engineering have planned.
2. Explain that the bridge is on track to become toll.
3. Tell them they, probably unknowingly, voted for the $500K 'study money' in the 2007 Bond election.
4. Tell them that $367K of that money has already been spent. (NOW.. add the latest Collin County comment "It could stay a line on the map forever," Excuse me? What did he just say we bought for our $367K?)
5. First they feel betrayed, then they get ANGRY!
This flawed and senseless bridge plan defeats itself.
10/06/09 @ 10:06
Comment from: NCM [Visitor] Email
If we had known that the "route" from 1378 to connect the penisula would run right in front of our land, I don't think we would have bought here. I don't want all the traffic to come down my small country lane. This also opens up the land behind us for the builders to come in and put a huge neighborhood of homes between us and parker road. This is just not necessary. I think the county needs to rethink this option. Say NO TO TOLL!!!!
10/06/09 @ 11:36
Comment from: Debbie Krajewski [Visitor] Email
there are times in my busy day that i will step outside my doors and be halted by what i hear......nothing..i hear nothing but quiet....it actually stops me in my tracks.....i have moved from plano to parker ....then the concrete spread and i mored to far east garland....then the concrete came....so i moves out almost to farmersville....right on the lake and for 10 years i've lived in what i've desperately longed for....the quiet of NO CONCRETE!! NO BRIDGE....leave us alone... people move aaaallll the way out here, we would rather have the peace and quiet and don't care how far we hafta go to get it. If people are wanting the convience of the concrete cities then move to the concrete city! Is there nothing sacred....we love our big old trees....the freedom for the wildlife to live their lives without concrete robbing them and pushing them to the point of extinction.... Where are all the animal activist, why aren't they fighting this bridge? NO BRIDGE !!
10/06/09 @ 12:16
Comment from: Local Resident [Visitor] Email
No more roads built on credit, period. We have already paid for Hwy 78 to be widened. Let's do it. Keep your promise. We don't trust you, you never stick to a plan. No Outer Loop and No toll bridge. We already have a road across the Dam. Open it up and let us use it. That is why the Farmer's donated the land in the late 50s and early 60s, with the promise that they could use this road.
10/08/09 @ 18:39

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