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Comment from: Collin County Attorney [Visitor] Email
Great reporting Bill and thank you for shining the light on this one. Hopefully the publicity surrounding this will eliminate the blatant violations of the civil rights of North Texans. By the way, did anyone testify in FAVOR of the fusion center?
04/08/09 @ 10:27
Comment from: bill [Member] Email

The administration and the congressional Committee are committed to the concept of Fusion Centers.

They see these centers as a critical part of a nation security posture, but while they do acknowledge the dangers to civil liberties, they believe that such dangers can be minimized and controlled.

The NCTFS's bulletin was used as an example of how not to communicate.

The author of the Times op-ed was the sole critic of the concept of fusion centers, but even he was finally maneuvered into agreeing that they could serve an important function if safeguards were in place.

04/08/09 @ 13:19
Comment from: Sally Speed [Visitor] Email
The Texas Observer makes a very valid point. The light is shining only on the bulletin. Are there any other products of the Fusion Center that residents should be aware of?
04/08/09 @ 13:41
Comment from: anon [Visitor]
How do we find out whether we have been spied on? Can we file some sort of Freedom of Information Act request?
04/08/09 @ 20:20
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