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Comment from: Scot Walker [Visitor] Email
A few things ignored by Ed:

1. Many Collin County property tax payers have been subsidizing Dallas County residents to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars through "Robin Hood". For Plano alone, it was over $80 million last year alone.

2. Dallas County gets a disproportionate share of state tax revenue - Collin County gets shafted.

3. Plano subsidizes Dallas with DART. It spends ~$60 million per year for DART and is not receiving anywhere close to that in services. It's a giant rip-off.

It's too bad Ed doesn't think it's important to report the local option new taxes we are all talking about.

It's also too bad they didn't publish the map of the North Dallas Tollway extension. I think that hard turn to the west is amusing. Maybe Denton can have their rail line make a hard turn to the east? No?

04/06/09 @ 09:35

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