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Comment from: Collin County Citizen [Visitor] Email
I struggle with this issue a great deal because I don't believe that local Islamic organizations do all they can to combat and distance themselves from terrorist organizations abroad.

That being said, I am a firm believer that when it comes to choosing between potential safety and liberty, that liberty should always prevail. I am concerned that it seems the idea of reasonable suspicion and probable cause have yielded to whims and guesses.

It further disturbs me that, yet again, Congressman Johnson's fammily is affecting not only our tax dollars, but also the way in which our local law enforcement conducts its affairs.

I personally would much rather sleep at night knowing the police won't come barging in unless I call them than wondering if I'm on their 'list' and they are watching out for me whether I know it or not.
02/26/09 @ 00:07
Comment from: concerned [Visitor] Email
CAIR is a front group created for Hamas.

It is a fact
02/26/09 @ 16:05
Comment from: bill [Member] Email

I would hope that those who comment here would offer some argument or evidence to back up their assertions.

"Its a fact" adds nothing to bolster what amounts to just name calling.

02/26/09 @ 21:09
Comment from: bill [Member] Email
The Texas Observer blog covered this story in an excellent piece that can be found here:


In a follow-up note to their article the Texas Observer noted:

"Update II: Tim Wyatt, a spokesman for Collin County, which runs the Fusion System, downplayed the bulletin to the Observer today while admitting that it wasn’t terribly well-informed.

Wyatt described the weekly bulletin as a “clipping service” that goes out to 2,900 public health and safety personnel in North Texas, including fire marshals, police officers, firefighters, and health departments.

“The bulletin didn’t direct any agency to investigate or target anybody,” he said. “I don’t think fire marshals in North Texas are out hunting for radical terrorists.”

What about that line at the end that says “it is imperative for law enforcement officers to report these types of activities”?

“I think it’s a bad editing job,” said Wyatt. “What we’re going to do is advise that next time someone take a little closer read of how they’re phrasing the thing because nobody intended it to be a call to investigate or target anybody. The bulletin is nothing other than what it says – a prevention awareness bulletin.”

Apparently, James Johnson - son of Congressman Samuel Johnson, the Republican who represents Collin County - did write the bulletin. Wyatt could not immediately say what qualified Johnson to opine on terror threats to North Texas or why he relied exclusively on Web sites promoting right-wing conspiracy theories.

Wyatt did say that Collin County’s Department of Homeland Security - does everyone have a DHS now?! - will take a closer look at the sources and how Johnson crafted the document.

Absurd, funny, or scary, the larger lesson in all this is that Fusion Centers have had very little public scrutiny. They operate with a considerable amount of autonomy and some clearly have a Keystone Kop element to them."

03/08/09 @ 14:44
Comment from: anon [Visitor]
"Does everyone have a DHS now?

Ben Franklin is rolling in his grave.

"Anyone who would sacrifice a little liberty for safety, deserves neither liberty nor safety."
03/09/09 @ 23:47
I don't believe that Muslim Organization would do such thing, esp to sweep out Christianity. We are peace-lovers; we don't fight unless being attacked.

Moreover, many economist todays has started to consider Sharia Economics as an alternative esp after the recession. Let's take a look at its bright side as a way to recover from the recession.
09/13/09 @ 02:44

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