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Comment from: Alecia Taylor [Visitor]
I live in Celina and my escrow already went up $80 per month in '08. To most in Collin County, I'm sure that's not much, but it has made life for my family very difficult. In a slumping economy, the last thing that people need is a tax increase.
08/17/08 @ 19:26
Comment from: No Weapon [Visitor] Email
February 21, 2009
City Of Anna

Dear City of Anna:
I am writing to express my view regarding our water meter digital reading, because The City of Anna has a Government Loan/Funding. The Greater Texoma Utility Authority It’s to my understanding, all records must be kept, while an Independent Auditor does Anna’s yearly Audit.
I have notice water leaks through our neighborhood during the summer of 2007/2008
However, I feel The City of Anna, has tamper with my meter readings. I don’t feel I have used 187000 gallons of water on my current new meter, installed in December 2007 while my previous meter started at, 50,000 gallons, on a brand new home. December 6th 2006 Both of these meter have two deferent serial numbers.
The City of Anna continues to over bill some of their residents, while inflating resident water usage, on paper. However cannot or will not supply resident with actual digital reading (AMR) . If the city isn’t reading the resident meters on 15th of each month, if the meters are being read from the 20th to the 29th of the month. Anna’s residents see their billed dated 15th to 15th this will cause incorrect amount of usage. Compared actual water usage consumption
Thank you for your prompt response to my request. I feel certain that the concerns involved make it a top priority for the city’s use of our tax dollars.
Anna Resident
02/21/09 @ 17:37

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