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Comment from: McKinney Resident [Visitor]
Saw a news report on cbs 11 tonight that
exposed several trips taken by
Hoagland for a Negotiating Class costing
$900. when the same class is offered
at CCCC for $78 (He doesn't need that
skill set for his job) Also several
county commissioners went to Florida
and Nevada on a "fact finding mission"
at taxpayer expense and lived it up
on gourmet food and expensive hotels.
02/13/08 @ 23:02
Comment from: NP [Visitor] Email
That class is nothing compared to what the county commissioners have been doing for years. It is a disgrace the way they misuse our tax dollars. There is evidence of four of our commissioners holding illegal meetings behind the back of our County Judge and using county resources for personal gain. It is wrong. We all really need to pay attention to these races this year and realize that these people have no respect for the law much less our tax dollars.
02/13/08 @ 23:25

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