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Comment from: Dave [Visitor] Email
I find it amazing that such a powerful and important article such as this gets no comments. Are people frightened?
01/20/08 @ 20:01
Comment from: Kim Smith [Visitor] Email
Sandoval is not impartial. He does not
apply the law. He is arrogant and has
a lack of respect for the lawyers and
citizens of Collin County.

A portion of my divorce decree is on
appeal due to the error in his ruling
pertaining to stock options.

My worry is that when my ex-spouse files
for modification in child support I
will not stand a chance in the 380th
due to my appeal and Sandoval's
unpredictable rulings.

Let's all vote in the primary for
Suzanne Wooten and support her campaign.

Go Suzanne!

01/24/08 @ 20:38
Comment from: Kim Smith [Visitor] Email
If you agree with Judge Sandoval's low ratings in the bar poll and would like to support a change please send you contributions
to the following address.

Suzanne H. Wooten for Judge Campaign
c/o Alma Benavides, Treasurer
200 W. Virginia Street
McKinney, TX 75069

Yard signs are available by calling the
Campaign Headquarters. The number is

Please vote in the primary March 4th.
01/26/08 @ 06:53
Comment from: Sophia [Visitor] Email
I have been in his court since my divorcve started in 2005. He may not be impartial but there must be a reason with one of the party why he is not. If you are reasonable than you have nothing to worry about. Judge Sandoval knows the people that go into his courtroom very well. He will remember the faces and all the BS. I trully thank to him for all he did for me during these horribly 3 years of my custody battle with my ex. I never wish this awful hell to anyone that my ex put me through. Finally there was someone who saw through him and put a stop to it.
So I disagree with the Bar and I will encourage all single mom's out there and anyone to vote for Judge Sandoval.
01/29/08 @ 10:56
Comment from: Sophia [Visitor] Email
Please check his campaign page:

01/29/08 @ 11:00
Comment from: Anon [Visitor]
He is supposed to follow the law, not be biased. He is not supposed to make judgements about anyone person, just follow the law.
01/29/08 @ 13:05
Comment from: Kim Smith [Visitor] Email

I am happy to know that you received custody of your child. You must have caught Sandoval
on a day that the wind was blowing in the direction in which he wanted it. Or maybe,
your lawyer is one of the good old boys/gals on the judges "A" list.

Some of us have not been that lucky!
01/29/08 @ 16:26
Comment from: anon [Visitor]
Yes, Sophia, So you latched on to one of Sandoval's pet dishonest attorneys and he ruled in your favor reagrdless of what was best for your children. This is sad. This did not happen to me. I wonder where my children are. Single mom
01/29/08 @ 17:43
Comment from: Sophia [Visitor] Email
I am sorry to hear that....but dear anon what makes you think that the decision that was made was not best for my son? You must have been present at my week long trial....
01/30/08 @ 10:07
Comment from: Sophia [Visitor]
Look, I am very sorry both of you lost custody, I cant even imagine how it would be, and I dont ever want to know..mothers should not lose their children..I truly am sorry, but if you were me just imagine yourself in my shoe...of course you would do everything to keep things the way they are. I really wish both of you the best in getting your children back. I truly wish I could help you somehow.
01/30/08 @ 10:20
Comment from: Anon [Visitor]
Actually, I would like to suggest that PARENTS should not lose their children becase that is what is best for children. It should not be about mothers or fathers but about children. Study after study shows that the best thing for children is two equally involved parents.
01/30/08 @ 10:26
Comment from: Sophia [Visitor]
Yes, that would be the ideal...but sometimes its just not working...and it is very unfortunate because the children are the one who suffer.
01/30/08 @ 10:29
Comment from: Anon [Visitor]
Good. It sounds to me like you agree we should not have biased courts so that we can determine what is best for the children. Let's encourage fair courts so that our children are safe.
01/30/08 @ 13:14
Comment from: Sophia [Visitor]
I agree with you about biased courts. Although I dont agree that Sandoval's court is biased.If it was biased then you and the other lady would have custody of your children. Based on the information I got here I highly doubt that Sandoval's rulngs are biased. I am sure there are a lot of point considered in deciding which parents should have primary custody, and that is always based on what is the best interest for the children.
01/30/08 @ 14:21
Comment from: Kim Smith [Visitor] Email

I think that you misunderstood the problem that I have experienced with Judge Sandoval. Please let me clarify, I did not lose custody of my son. I am the custodial parent.

My problem pertains to division of stock options. I have a Mediated Settlement Agreement that was deemed meaningless by Judge Sandoval in his ruling against me. In other words, he screwed me out money that was clearly mine.

My money problem is far less important than custody and the well being of children.

01/31/08 @ 08:41
Comment from: Sophia [Visitor]

I dont think you need to worry about going back to the Judge about your child support. He will rule according to the guidlines and what is best for your child. Whatever happen on the appeal will not effect your child support.

Good Luck to you!
01/31/08 @ 12:01
Comment from: Republican [Visitor]
Did anyone notce how unstable Sandoval appeared last Thursday (Feb. 7) night? That is an angry man!
02/09/08 @ 07:38
Comment from: Kim Smith [Visitor] Email
No, I did not see him. The only time I have ever seen Sandoval was at a hearing in June 2007. What I witnessed was arrogance and lack of respect. Hopefully, I can avoid the courthouse until Suzanne Whooten is on the bench.

Please explain why you believe that Sandoval is unstable and angry.

02/13/08 @ 13:41
Comment from: anon [Visitor] Email
Because of Sandoval's disregard for the law and for the rights of families, Suzanne Wooten is being endorsed by the Texas Home School Coalition. He keeps touting his "criminal" experience and the speed he pushes cases through, but most of the matters in his court deal with family and business matters - pushing them through without regard for the law and facts hurts us as a community and helps to destroy the families he is supposed to help.
02/15/08 @ 09:32
Comment from: Anon [Visitor]
Please remember, if you wish to vote against Sandoval, your only chance is the March 4th Primary. You need to vote for Suzanne Wooten as the Rebublican candidate for the 380th district court. The November election does not mean anything as there is no Democratic opponent.
02/20/08 @ 19:44
Comment from: bill [Member] Email

I have deleted all comments that involved one specific case. The discussion was loosing it's civility.

There is no reason to personally attack the incumbent, the challenger or other posters.

In an attempt to be fair, I am reposting a portion of the original post.

02/22/08 @ 19:39
Comment from: Anon [Visitor] Email
Reposted by Bill

I trust Suzanne Wooten like a two headed Snake!

I retained her for services in a divorce case and she lied to me costing me an extra $20,000 plus other losses in the case. I initiated a bar fee dispute against her and she even refuse to participate in a fee dispute. I am currently in the process in filing a greivance against her.
02/22/08 @ 19:44
Comment from: anon [Visitor] Email
I respect your decision to keep this site professional.

While we are at it, I can't tell you how much I appreciate you publishing this "newspaper". You are doing Collin County a real service as the traditional papers tend to just be mouthpieces for the status quo.
02/23/08 @ 11:34
Comment from: anon [Visitor] Email
My Story: A Single Mother’s Fiasco in Judge Sandoval’s Court

I am a doctorate level licensed professional. This case is being reported anonymously to protect the identity of my son from public eye. The events reported below are factual with recorded evidence and/or are supported by court record.
A few short years ago as a single mother, I came forward to beseech the intervention of the 380th Court, Judge Charles Sandoval Presiding, to prevent my ex-husband from his witnessed and repeated history of drinking excessive amounts of alcohol and driving with our minor child in the car. Now this was expected to be a simple, straightforward, uncomplicated case. Private Investigator report had indicated that the father had consumed several refills where wine was dispensed, that he had smelled of alcohol on his breath and on his person, and (per in-court licensed private investigator testimony) that he had almost caused an automobile collision while driving after consuming wine. When my attorney asked for the written report to be entered into the record so that the PI could read it in, Judge Sandoval denied the request. Therefore, the full report was not entered.
Now, my ex-husband, who is of professional stature, had filed a last minute counter motion Pro Se to modify a previous decree which had given me uncontested sole custody of our son. It also had become clear that my ex-husband had manipulated our son into fearing that his father might have to go to jail as a result of this case. Specifically, I gave testimony to this fact in court, telling Judge Sandoval that our son (at that time being over age 12 years old) would return from his father’s house and tell me, ‘ “Mom, drop the law suit, or I’ll sign an affidavit and go live with Dad,” ’ and that my ex had told me that if I exposed this issue, he would turn our son against me. Never in a million years did I ever think that my petition for our son’s safety would pose such a risk, given the evidence of his father’s observed endangerment.
This was a simple case that should have taken a minimum amount of the court’s time and docket space, however I experienced it to lead to a long fiasco of damage and destruction to our son. Judge Sandoval appeared to ignore all testimony from the Mother’s side, all requests for counseling to allay my son’s stress in the matter, and the entered Social Study report conducted by a female Judge which concluded that the child’s residence should not be changed from the established one of the Mother. Despite the fact that my ex-husband failed to show evidence of negative maternal impact nor material and substantial change of circumstances in the maternal home regarding our son1, Judge Sandoval, appearing to ignore all concerns that initiated this case, granted my ex-husband’s request to acquire primary residence. It is my observation that this outcome opened the door to disaster for our son, including blatant teenage alcoholism, academic disaster, parental alienation of his Mother by the father, and utter chaos in this child’s life as evidenced by subsequently required motions following this case. Immediately after this case our teenage son who had previously had good grades and satisfactory behavior, began to fail several school core courses and had reportedly begun to drink profound amounts of alcohol [after his father had reportedly begun to consume alcohol with our teenage son (per his own subsequently confirmed court testimony) as a male bonding ritual].
Furthermore, the new order, apparently creatively written by my ex and not signed by me because it ordered me to pay child support to my ex-husband until our child was to reach the age of 25 years old, was for some reason signed by Judge Sandoval, perhaps apparently without review of the document. Wouldn’t a judge prefer to review a document written by a man who was not an attorney and was Pro Se? Therefore I, as a struggling graduate student living partly on school loans at the time, was now paying child support to a man who I understood to make three times my income.
At least four additional court docket appointments were made to try to rectify the damage that had apparently been done, to no avail. In such subsequent hearings I informed Judge Charles Sandoval that things had gotten so bad that my son was about to fail high school if he were not returned home. I also showed the court a stack of citizen petitions requesting his return to the supervision of his Mother’s original primary residence. The judge apparently ignored these pleadings, and as feared, my son failed high school and became depressed. I told the judge that my ex had threatened to turn our son against me – the judge ignored these pleas and I became alienated from him. Despite the Social Study and other citizen’s recommendations for our child to receive counseling, it took several docket appointments to even get that request revisited among the other issues.
The last event involved an additional, recent Private Investigator report, showing the father consuming more than five (5) alcoholic beverages and immediately driving with three (3) minors, including our son, in his vehicle following his acquisition of primary residence. This report did gain entry into the court record, because it had been attached to the actual petition. I managed to scrape together all the money that I could, to get the private investigator flown back into town to testify and told the court that I had no more funds to have the PI flown back for a second time, in the event of postponement. Nevertheless, for some reason, Judge Sandoval postponed this testimony, resetting the date for later, allowing a corporate case to proceed whose attorney had spoken up, introducing it as a case involving large sums of money. This was the last of my attempts to resolve anything in the 380th court.
Currently on my own, I am working more than 85 hours per week as a single parent to provide the financial means to restore my son’s situation following the events in this court and have recently regained the bond we once had.
Why did this happen? I don’t know, but I do know that if Judge Charles Sandoval lacks discernment for a simple civil case such as the one above that could have been resolved in one hearing with a simple order for the child’s safety and security, how could this judge be able to exercise accurate discernment and decision-making for the more serious criminal and drug related conditions in our society?

1 Statute 156.101 et. seq.
02/23/08 @ 13:28
Comment from: anon [Visitor]
Single Mom, It makes me sad to hear about your case but it makes me sadder to think this is fairly routine in Sandoval's court. My guess is that your husband had one of Sandoval's infamous "good attorneys". I was recently told that Sandoval was overheard saying that it didn't matter that so many were against him because he was supported by the people "who matter".
02/23/08 @ 14:00
Comment from: Tall Texan [Visitor] Email
I know of a mother that went through Sandoval's court and her lawyer didn't repy represent her very well because of lack of financing. She was not really in mental shape to take on a custody battle either.

This mother got custody and child support! This case was tried within the last 6 months.
02/25/08 @ 10:12
Comment from: ANON [Visitor] Email
In ref to:
"I trust Suzanne Wooten like a
two headed Snake!
I retained her for services in a
divorce case and she lied to me costing
me an extra $20,000 plus other losses
in the case. I initiated a bar fee
dispute against her and she even refuse to
participate in a fee dispute. I am
currently in the process in filing a
greivance against her. Not sure to
to believe me? Look up Fee Dispute
# 07-038.
My case invovled a custody battle with
the other spouce a proven meth abuser
It still cost about $60K."
I told one writer I would get back to her with her accusation of my figures being wrong. $60K was the total loss which included failure to get a financial judgement. This figure didn't even account for Suzanne not being able to get child support awarded. The $20K was the amount she charged over our agreed roadmap costs. The overage was due to Wooten not following the roadmap as agreed. Suzanne Wooten could have admitted to this mistake but instead she lied about it and claimed it was our roadmap to begin with. For a lawyer to empty a families life savings and leave no money for the children and then lie about it is despicable. To the person who wanted Suzanne as Judge I beg you to reconsider, she is not the right person for the job.
I am truly sorry that a few of the readers may be offended in what I have to say but I feel I have to let you know the truth about my experience with the judicial contendor against Judge Sandaval. I am just an individual of Collin County and I have nothing to benefit by posting this information. If anyone is interested in the Bar Fee dispute papers to verify my claims, just let me know.
Please do not attack me or make false assumptions in requards to this posting. Let's accept our differences and be civilized.
Have a great day.
02/26/08 @ 11:45
Comment from: jwe [Visitor] Email
I know of people who have had first hand experience with Suzanne H. Wooten in mediation. Suzanne Wooten has been experienced in this situation to be neutral and unbiased, extremely ethical and conscientious, and highly skilled at diffusing the parties' intensity of frustration. In the most difficult cases with lengthy mediation, she was a master at creating solutions while the parties never once felt rushed or pressured to come to a hasty decision about their family matters.
03/04/08 @ 07:17
Comment from: DRS [Visitor] Email
Judge Charles Sandoval
380th Judicial District
Collin County, Texas

First off please let me say: We do not feel like we have been singled out, we feel that Judge Sandoval is not upholding the law and does not allow both parties the equal right to defend themselves. Following the explanation of our situation we have documented what we have personally witnessed in this courtroom and even been advised of a forum where someone else had witnessed his wrath in the courtroom. We have attached that link and documentation. Thank you for considering the exposure of this “Unlawful Judge” and the antics going on in his courtroom!

"S" has two precious twin 4 year old daughters that we love dearly! (age at the time this started...)

• Judge Sandoval ruled that all visitation/possession with "S" (non custodial parent), who lives in Northwestern Oklahoma and his children, who live in Collin County, Texas must be exercised within the boundaries of the State of Texas for what reason we do not know…."S" has lived in Oklahoma since before the Final Divorce and Decree was ever signed. No restrictions of any kind have ever been on "S" or his visitation/possession with his daughters. - THIS WAS NOT EVEN IN THE PLEADINGS TO BE CHANGED. By doing this "S" and the girls extended family have been stripped of their rightful monthly visitation with the girls during the designated holidays and extended summer periods which equals over 50% of his allotted time. "S" can not take off work every time he has an extended holiday or for his 42 days of possession he was granted during the summer to exercise this in the State of Texas. This is clearly not in the children’s best interests. The girls are already asking to come to Oklahoma and we have put them off by just saying we are staying, TX for the weekend. (Which is where "S" was raised and lived until 2004 and "S" family currently resides). They are missing their toys, animals, friends and their extended family and want to come to their Oklahoma home but we can’t take them out of Texas! - FOR NO GIVEN REASON!

• Judge Sandoval took "S" right to exercise his visitation/possession every 1st, 3rd, and 5th weekend of the month from him and gave him only one weekend per month. Per the Texas State Statues this is "S" option and he has exercised the 1st, 3rd and 5th weekend from day one and has NEVER given any notice to elect the one weekend per month.
§ 153.313. PARENTS WHO RESIDE OVER 100[0] MILES[0] APART. If the possessory conservator resides more than 100[0] miles[0] from the
residence of the child, the possessory conservator shall have the
right to possession of the child as follows:
(1) either regular weekend possession beginning on the
first, third, and fifth Friday as provided under the terms applicable to parents who reside 100[0] miles[0] or less apart or not more than one weekend per month of the possessory conservator's choice beginning at 6 p.m. on the day school recesses for the weekend and ending at 6 p.m. on the day before school resumes after the weekend,
provided that the possessory conservator gives the managing conservator 14 days' written or telephonic notice preceding a designated weekend, and provided that the possessory conservator elects an option for this alternative period of possession by written notice given to the managing conservator within 90 days after the parties begin to reside more than 100[0] miles[0] apart, as applicable;

• Judge Sandoval overruled a modification request for "S" to carry the health insurance coverage on the children. It is provided FREE of charge to "S" through his employer and is superior coverage to that of his ex-wife’s individual plan. The children’s current medical providers are listed as preferred providers so they could continue with the same doctors. The ex-wife nor her attorney entered any evidence with the court, opposing the insurance, nor was there any testimony by the ex-wife controverting any of "S" testimony or exhibits regarding the insurance coverage. Judge Sandoval denied the modification. Therefore, "S" continues to reimburse his ex-wife $188.20 in medical premiums as she uses "S" Insurance over hers. TEXAS STATUTES FAMILY CODE 154.182 READS:
§ 154.182. HEALTH INSURANCE[0]. (a) The court shall
consider the cost and quality of health insurance[0] coverage
available to the parties and shall give priority to health
insurance[0] coverage available through the employment of one of the
(b) In determining the manner in which health insurance[0] for
the child is to be ordered, the court shall render its order in
accordance with the following priorities, unless a party shows good
cause why a particular order would not be in the best interest of
the child:
(1) if health insurance[0] is available for the child
through the obligor's employment or membership in a union, trade
association, or other organization at reasonable cost to the
obligor, the court shall order the obligor to include the child in
the obligor's health insurance[0];

• Judge Sandoval approved the Modification Request by "S" for Standard Expanded Visitation, which allowed him to pick the girls up from school versus waiting until 6:00 pm and then took it away in the Motion for Reconsideration Trial and again included the condition of all visitation be exercised in Texas. It was pointed out to Judge Sandoval that "S" residence is only 30 miles from the Texas State Line – He is only 30 miles from being able to take his daughters to their home in Oklahoma due to the restriction, but this information made no difference to Judge Sandoval.

• He awarded $1,827.16 in medical bills and $4,600.00 in attorney’s fees to ex-wife and ex-wife could not even show any kind of proof she had ever even provided the bills to "S". In fact, she admitted in court during the hearing that she had no proof she had ever provided these bills to "S" for reimbursement. Of those bills she was awarded:
o Bills that "S" never received at all, some for as small as $5.00.
o Notation of bills on a spreadsheet ex-wife typed up, but no documentation or backup to support the charges. Backup was requested from ex-wife but never provided.
o Bills we had requested additional information on from ex-wife due to Dr.’s Office did not have the charges in their billing system and she was seeking reimbursement for and the girls accounts showed credit balances. No information was ever received after requested from ex-wife.
o A hospital bill we had already paid $200.00 directly to the provider on and had cancelled checks to show we had paid it but Judge Sandoval awarded her the entire amount. Refused to look at our cancelled checks.
o A hospital bill that according to the Divorce Decree, if ex-wife chooses to go out of the insurance network for services. She is 100% responsible for the bill unless it is an emergency – She did go out of network, it was a non-emergency and Judge Sandoval overrode the Divorce Decree and gave her this judgment.
o Judge Sandoval gave her a judgment for us to pay money that the insurance company has paid to the provider – We had explanation of benefit’s from the insurance company (which we received from ex-wife) to prove this but refused to look at them and took ex-wife’s figures above the insurance companies explanation of benefits which showed the true patient liability.
o Judge Sandoval gave her a judgment on a bill the physician’s office is still trying to get straight with the insurance company, the patient liability still in unknown. Judge Sandoval took the ex-wife’s figure on that one also. The patient liability is still unknown to this day.

The first time we appeared in Judge Sandoval’s Court was on May 8, 2006. This was a temporary hearing on our Motion To Modify Parent-Child Relationship to Expanded Standard Possession and to Modify the current Orders to allow "S" to be able to carry the girls insurance. We ended up having to use his chambers for the hearing because Judge Sandoval was in the middle of another case where an attorney was trying to get him removed from their case for talking to opposing counsel regarding an issue without the other side of counsel being present. He even had to leave our hearing being held in his chambers to go back on the stand in the courtroom for more questioning. Judge Sandoval then came back to finish our temporary hearing in his chambers, after he was released from the stand. We requested the transcription for the temporary hearing date but according to the court house it can not be found – It is Missing – How Convenient. This was the only time we had anything in our favor.

We then appeared on July 31st for several hours of testimony. Which turned out to be an absolute nightmare – Because, not only was the ex-wife awarded the frivolous bills and attorney’s fees. But most of all, "S" visitation was restricted to Texas.

We filed a Motion for Reconsideration on 8-29-06, hoping Judge Sandoval would realize what he had ordered and reverse at least some of his rulings. The money was bad but our hope was that he would change the restriction on visitation within the State of Texas because time can not be replaced like money can.

We found out on Thursday, August 31st that we had to be in court on Tuesday, September 5, 2006. Upon arriving that day for court it was then postponed until Wednesday, September 6, 2006. We didn’t think things could get much worse…BUT WE WERE WRONG!

Judge Sandoval denied the entire Motion for Reconsideration and signed ex-wife’s attorney’s rendition of the July 31st hearing. By signing this attorney’s rendition of the hearing Judge Sandoval took away "S" 1st, 3rd and 5th weekend every month for visitation/possession and only gave him 1 weekend a month. THINGS GOT WORSE!

This is currently in the cival court of appeals. The case was reviewed on January 15, 2008 and we are now waiting the opinion to be issued. Hopefully justice will then be served. However, lost time between "S" and his daughters can never be replaced.

This is just a short recap of what has happened since this started in December 2005 (just weeks after "S" were married).

"S" paid out to his ex-wife in 2005 alone (this does not include child support):
$2,904.57 to cover his 50% of the girls medical charges not paid by insurance
$2,486.00 in insurance premiums because he is responsible for 100% if their premiums

Ex-wife’s original suit in December of 2005 was for $1,097.19, of course this was picked apart because we have learned to keep very detailed records. So she dropped some bills off and added more that she didn’t have on there previously and filed an Amended Motion one week before the temporary hearing in May. If "S" has already paid out $5,390.57 in 2005 (not including his child support) to his ex-wife what would another thousand be? She is a women scorn and just trying to get at him any way she can – Especially using the kids!


There are so many dead beat parents out there who could care less about seeing their kids or supporting them. So when one is willing to drive over 700 miles roundtrip every 1st, 3rd and 5th weekend to see his precious little sweethearts, pays his child and medical support and one judge who isn’t following the Texas State Statutes has the authority to just throw this relationship of a parent and children out the window! How is that Justice? It isn’t his fuel or time that drives 700 miles in a weekend or anyone else’s for that matter – WHY TAKE IT AWAY – FOR WHAT REASON!





Thank you for reading through our situation with Judge Sandoval. We previously told you about observing other situations in his courtroom on September 5, 2006. Please see below:
Case #1 = The parental rights were being taken away from a father. The grandfather of the child was stepping in to assume the position as caretaker in the fathers place. There was an attorney for the grandparents, an attorney who was present on behalf of the child and a social worker that had completed home case studies showing that this was in the best interests of the child. Obviously, on what was being said in the court this was in the best interest of the child.
Case #2 = The parental rights were being taken away from a father. A small framed, well endowed women walked in before the court. She was pro se (no attorney). She was asking that the rights of her child’s father be taken away. She presented a document the father allegedly had signed giving up his rights. There were no attorney’s present for either the mother or the child. No home case studies were presented to the court and she admitted she was going to be the only caregiver for the child. The judge granted her the request and the father no longer had any rights.
What about the child in this case?
Our attorney sitting with us was in absolute aw could not believe what had just transpired.

My husband and I watched the numbers come in last night in Collin County via the internet. We are thrilled at the "guts" of Suzanne H. Wooten to take on that challenge. We know we will probably be back in court someday and hope to get a FAIR trial this time.

It is our hopes that Judge Sandoval has ruined or damaged his last parent/child relationship.

Hoping for Change!

03/05/08 @ 17:44
Comment from: Another Victim [Visitor] Email
Congrats to Susan Wooten!!!

Our family were also victims of Judge Sandoval, and it seems there were many others too. All along, we believed we were the only sufferers of his offensive behavior and undeserved punishment. Its comforting to know, that there are others whom he was unfair and biased too. At the same time, it is disappointing.
Hopefully, Mrs. Wooten realizes with every decision she makes in her court room will affect not only the people in her presence, but the children, aunts, uncles, grandparents and friends of those families.

--Another Victim
03/06/08 @ 14:41
Comment from: jwe [Visitor] Email
I had been praying for him to be removed from the bench - Thank God!
Some of these complaints above may need to be made to the State Bar
03/07/08 @ 05:36
Comment from: DRS [Visitor] Email
Some of you on this blog may not have found this other one yet. Pages and pages of people done wrong by Sandoval.

03/07/08 @ 17:37
Comment from: Joyce Ann [Visitor] Email
Thank GOD he's going off the bench. I hope the other Collin County Judges think long and hard about what just happened and maybe they won't feel so smug and "untouchable" in the future (Exception: Curt Henderson). If you do a bad job on the bench, you will be voted out. Way to go Collin County Voters!
03/10/08 @ 15:48
Comment from: Anon [Visitor] Email
A great evil will soon be lifted from the land. How do we get him off the bench early? He places too many children in danger.
03/18/08 @ 20:09
Comment from: Alex [Visitor] Email
Judge John Barrys poll results which indicate-which i can attest to- is a mediocre judge need to be publicized and circulated,show them to other attorneys make sure they know he shouldnt be a Judge. I plan on sending those poll results as the elections come around to every media outlet and also to his opponents along with a contribution so the citizens can fire him and he can go back to a mediocre career fighting traffic tickets
04/13/09 @ 17:32
Comment from: gmb [Visitor] Email
father being alienated for the 2nd time with exwife but this time with daughter? Their son is now 20 but went through the same thing. Had a MEDIATOR IN COLLIN COUNTY THAT BASICALLY DID NOTHING AND HELPED THE EXWIFE. HELP ANY SUGEESTIONS?
06/16/09 @ 18:22
Comment from: gmb [Visitor] Email
Forgot to mention this is happening to my husband his exwife has been married 5 times and the kids have moved so many times we lost count. his daughter is now 15 and has not come to visit in months. he filed a mediated agreement with ex in collin county with her mediator in 07 who was supposed to file it when he signed off on it, only to find out that the mediator gave it to his ex to file and the ex checked off the "special provision for kids 15' to make their own decisions to visit or not. on his copy we have.... he did not check that and when we recieved the orders from collin county that was checked? the mediator would not comment on it. this is a woman we trusted and paid over 2000 dollars too and we believe she knew very well what she was doing. what can be done? my husband is a wonderful father not perfect and has always been alienated from the kids, his 20 year when he was 13 came to live with us after sharing that he was tired of all his moms boyfriends etc. is there no justice for truly good fathers? there is so much she has done from using my name on a doctors apt. because she had no insurance to trying to open up cell service in his name. the kids were told HORRIBALE STORIES, about their father and our daughter together. this is someone who has never misssed a child support payment, is involved in the kids activites even from houston the list goes on and on. it is so sad that once again he is experiencing this. The last judge in Lubbock warned her not to play with his visitation again or she would be jailed to to bring her toothbrush if he saw her again and ordered therapy with a therapist the judge picked who in turn wrote the judge in lubbock saying my hubbys ex is basically alienated them and when they moved to collin county ordered a new therapist pick up the case which she never took either kids to. I guess watching him suffer makes me think if the scenerio true that father's really do get stepped on? anyone pleae help also what the heck can be done about this mediator???????????? we have all emails with conflicting stories from her. I dont want to mention a name but will if someone responds. sorry for the mistypos Im typing in a rush. thanks
06/16/09 @ 18:36
Comment from: gmb [Visitor] Email
also after reading all this above will he get justice truly in collin county? any attorney reccommendations?
06/16/09 @ 18:37
Comment from: anon [Visitor]
We are so sorry for what this system has put those children through. Unfortunately, this is pretty common in Collin County. Would you mind letting us know more such as who the judge is and who the attorneys on both sides?

06/17/09 @ 07:34
Anyone hear about that recent case of the 2004 execution (man who was convicted of killing his children through arson) turning up innocent afterall?
09/01/09 @ 16:07

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