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Comment from: Tom Daley [Visitor] Email · http://www.daleyfound.org

I can't say it often enough. The issue is not illegal immigration, it is illegal employment. Why doesn't the Court focus on efforts to stop illegal, wage-depressing employers rather than continue to pass Constitutionally doubtful, morally indefensible, practically untenable rules that have no effect other than to "insure" that children, here by no choice of their own, can't receive medical care outside of an emergency room?

How is it that the Court thinks that $100 of grant money denied to pay for the care of child whose parent is illegally employed saves the taxpayers money when all it does is send the sick child to the emergency room where a band-aid starts at $2,000?

This court is an embarassment to all who take their moral responsibilities seriously yet have to pay the salaries of morally offensive commissioners and county judges.
11/28/07 @ 00:34

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